1. On the streets of New Orleans, Louisiana. 

  2. Shot a few photos for a Ballers Club promotional. Also did a simple design for the logo.

  3. Exploring the abandon. 

  4. Jerrad & Cecilia’s Wedding. 

    Some of my dear friends and such hearts of gold.

  5. Here is a few iPhone shots of the past few days on the beach!

  6. What a great time was had in New Orleans last night with some awesome friends. Had the privilage of attending this event (4barfriday) via Instagram invite, along with other great instagrammers. The event was a vision Damian Lillard (NBA Rookie of the Year) had to get people from around america to Rap 4 bars on an Instagram 15sec video. This inspired him to pick 8 contestants. He flew them into Nola to do a final live competition. It was a night filled with great people and interesting performances!  

  7. The Lemaster Wedding. 

  8. Had some alone time this morning by Lake Conroe, TX.

    I didn’t realize how much I would actually enjoy being alone. Yesterday I was in The woodlands, TX doing some work at a local Starbucks, I was so focused when I realized I didn’t eat lunch and it was already 5pm. So I walked a few blocks down to a Panera Bread, had some time to just sit and relax! From then on I used that time to go out and just meet new people, and be open because being alone took that security of being with someone away from you. It’s surprising how powerful being alone can be if you take it for what it is. With all that said, I met some great people that really encouraged me and I was able to encourage also! There was one guy that stood out and I was honored to eat dinner with him. His name is Camron. He’s 16, loves playing golf, basketball and works at the cookie store in the mall (Yes he gave me a free cookie!!) He has huge dreams and a true passion for Law, he wants to attend a law school after high school! He really was a great guy and he inspired me to chase my dreams even more. I was able to encourage him with a quote I heard once “The only obstacle keeping you from your dreams is yourself.” All-in-all, a great weekend. God bless. 

  9. Taylor.

  10. Newfangled Groove